Freya Pink Shoulder Bag Summer Handbag

Freya Shoulder Bag Handbag PINK | PETITE SIMONE BLACKFreya Shoulder Bag Handbag PINK | PETITE SIMONE BROWNFreya Shoulder Bag Handbag PINK | PETITE SIMONE COFFEEFreya Shoulder Bag Handbag PINK | PETITE SIMONE PINKFreya Shoulder Bag Handbag PINK | PETITE SIMONE PURPLEFreya Shoulder Bag Handbag PINK | PETITE SIMONE WHITEFreya Shoulder Bag Handbag PINK | PETITE SIMONE NUDE
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  • The Freya Shoulder Bag Summer Handbag series is designed with elegance and functionality in mind.Each bag in this series features a spacious interior,high-quality materials,and a versatile design that effortlessly transitions from day to night.The sleek lines and sophisticated aesthetic make it a perfect accessory for any modern woman.

  • The Pink Freya Shoulder Bag adds a touch of playful charm to any outfit.Perfect for spring and summer,this bag pairs well with light,airy clothing and casual ensembles.It's an excellent choice for brunch dates,garden parties,and other casual gatherings where you want to add a pop of color.
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Sustainable Materials

Sustainable Materials

Made with care from recycled, natural, or renewable materials, our bags are contributing to a positive environmental footprint as we work towards a zero-waste future.

Eco-Friendly Production

Eco-Friendly Production

We use energy-efficient equipment and low-emission technologies to minimize environmental impact, strictly controlling wastewater and gas emissions.

Durability and Reusability

Durability and Reusability

Our durable bags withstand daily use, extending their lifespan. We encourage recycling to achieve resource circularity and a zero-waste future.

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