Bonnie Brown Waist Pack Chest Bag

Bonnie Waist Pack Chest Bag Brown | PETITE SIMONE BlackBonnie Waist Pack Chest Bag Brown | PETITE SIMONE White&BrownBonnie Waist Pack Chest Bag Brown | PETITE SIMONE Brown
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  • The Bonnie Waist Pack Chest Bag is designed to combine functionality and style,offering a versatile accessory that can be worn as both a waist pack and a chest bag.It is crafted from high-quality materials,ensuring durability and a sleek look.The adjustable strap provides a comfortable fit for various body types,making it perfect for everyday use.

  • The Bonnie Brown Waist Pack Chest Bag is the epitome of casual elegance.It is perfect for outdoor activities and casual events,blending well with earthy tones and denim.This variant is ideal for weekend getaways and everyday errands,providing a stylish yet laid-back look.
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Sustainable Materials

Sustainable Materials

Made with care from recycled, natural, or renewable materials, our bags are contributing to a positive environmental footprint as we work towards a zero-waste future.

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Eco-Friendly Production

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Durability and Reusability

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